Monday, November 26, 2018

Unlucky #7 By: Celeste Juneac and Taylor Gallegos

 Everyone’s heard about Nike. Everyone has heard about Colin Kaepernick. In this case how do people feel about the two coming together ? “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”- Colin Kaepernick. Some people think that it’s a brave decision and some people think it’s a bad decision. The NFL is kinda on the border between agreeing with Kaepernick and disagreeing. NFL said that they “believe in dialogue, understanding and unity.” People that disagree with this are almost half of the people that you walk by daily. In fact, people have stopped purchasing Nike shoes because of Kaepernick’s statement and actions.

People are wanting to throw away all shoes that have the Nike logo on it. If your not a fan of what Kaepernick said? then think about those fifty dollars shoes and throw them away. What some people don’t realize is that you can’t judge a person based on what they believe in. In today’s society it’s such a shame that people think to choose sides when it is super unnecessary. People should let other people have their own beliefs and choices in life. I believe that it’s such a shame people think that their way is the right way to think. Along with this people think that when  it isn't necessary people pick sides.
 When Nike’s ad started more people who agreed with it were at the age between 18-34 their percentage was 67% to 21%. The older aged people did not approve of the ad with a percentage of 49% to 39%.

Manchester City......By Article written by: Lily Abdelwahab, 6th Grade; Victorya Zoeva, 6th Grade; Taylor Gallegos 6th Grade

        The Manchester City against Huddersfield soccer game was quite a sight. Manchester City won 6 to 1! Sergio Agüero scored 3 of the 6 goals today. The first goal of the game was scored at 25 minutes into the game by Sergio Agüero. The next goal was scored by Gabriel Jesus 31 minutes into the game. Later on, at 35 minutes, Sergio Agüero scored again. 2 minutes before halftime at 43 minutes Huddersfield scores their only goal of the game by Jon Gorenc Stanković . Then, David Silva scored right after halftime at 48 minutes. And again, Sergio Agüero scoring at 75 minutes into the game. And finally, the last goal scored by Terence Kongolo at 84 minutes which was an own goal and the point went to Manchester City. Today just was not too great for Huddersfield. They had 2 yellow cards and 9 fouls, plus, the overall possession was 77% Manchester City, and 23% Huddersfield. Manchester City also had 760 passes with a pass accuracy of 92% in the game while Huddersfield had only 224 passes with a pass accuracy of 65%.  Both teams had 1 offsides at the end of the game. The stadium they played on was the City of Manchester Stadium and they played for the Premier League. This all was on Saturday the 19 of August. The first substitution was for Huddersfield, at 46 minutes, Laurent Depoitre was a substitute for Abdelhamid Sabiri. Then, Huddersfield had another substitution at 61 minutes. Alex Pritchard was substituted out for Adama Diakhaby. Afterwards, Manchester City, at 64 minutes had their first substitution.   David Silva was substituted out for Phil Foden.

The lineup for the game was,

Ken Griffey Jr......By Maison Johnson

Ken was born in Donora, Pennsylvania November 21, 1969. He entered the game with not just mere potential. “ From the day the Seattle Mariners made him the first pick in the 1987 MLB Draft, Ken Griffey Jr. was expected to be great.” Did you know that Ken Griffey Jr. was the first NO. 1 Overall Draft pick to be elected into the Hall of Fame. "Junior," who hit 630 home runs, had one of the game's sweetest hitting strokes, and his energy and enthusiasm for the game earned him the nickname "the Kid." He is the son of slugger Ken Griffey Sr. Ken Griffey Jr. had 56 home runs 1997 and 1998. “Although popular with fans around the league, Griffey was unable to shake reports of his petulant demeanor throughout his major league baseball career. Griffey signed lucrative deals with companies of international prominence like Nike and Nintendo.” After he retired he had 83.8 Wins above replacement, At bat 9801, Runs 1662, had 2781 hits, .284 BA, 630 Home runs, 1836 RBI’s, 184 SB, .370 OBP, .538 SLG, .907 OPS, 136 OPS+, MVP, AS MVP, 10 time Golden Glove , 7 time Silver Slugger, 13 time All-Star, Major League Player of the Year, 524 Doubles, 38 Triples, 184 stolen bases, 1312 walks, Ken has been hit by pitches 81 times and he is  171 rank for hit by pitches. Ken Griffey Jr’s dad Ken Griffey Sr. was in the Hall of Fame too. Although very good Ken Griffey never got to win a World Series. So you're probably asking how did he get into the Hall of fame without winning one World Series. “Well here is the answer Griffey, in his first year on the Baseball Writers’ Association of America ballot, was named on 437 of 440 ballots by voting members of the BBWAA, setting a new record with a percentage of 99.32. The previous mark of 98.84 percent was set by Tom Seaver in 1992.”




A Rematch...By Jazmin Olivas

The fight between Canelo Alvarez (28) and Gennady Golovkin (36) on September 15, 2018 ended in a controversial discussion on which who actually deserved the middleweight title.
There had been no knockdowns, and it was Triple G’s first loss, him being the former middleweight world champion. This was a rematch for the fight they had before in September 2017. Golovkin was upset and was not let to be interviewed for a while after the winner was announced. His trainer Abel Sanchez, states, “I can’t complain, that’s what we have the judges for.”It had been the judges decision of Canelo winning, even though Golovkin had more punches thrown. This leads to the controversy: Triple G should’ve been the winner. “...Canelo did a great job, but he didn’t do enough to win in my opinion,” professional British boxer Audley Harrison goes on. Furthermore, there was already talk on a third fight between the two boxers right after the match.
“If the people want us to do it again, let’s do it again,” Canelo goes on, “for now I’m going to enjoy it with my family.” Once Triple G finally allows questions he says, “ I thought I fought better than he did…”
As for a rematch: “Under the right conditions, yes,” Golovkin utters.
Golovkin had left quickly after the match was over, and was certainly not happy.
Meanwhile Canelo voices how out of all the rivals his had to compete against, Golovkin was the only one that he considered a rival; or real competition.
Even with this statement he claims how Golovkin “is a great fighter but I'm a great fighter and I showed it tonight.”

Eva Lee, US Olympics...By: Natasha Gamboa

There are many sports in the sports industry. However, some would say sports are boring, and some are fun. Badminton you can have fun inside and outside. The object of the game is to get the birdie or shuttlecock over the net. But, the shuttlecock must land in the court. If your contender hits the shuttlecock back it is called a rally. To get points you must successfully hit the shuttlecock over the net, in your contenders court, without your contender hitting it back. For winning the game you must score 21 points winning by 2. But, the fun doesn’t stop in one game. There are 3 sets. To win, you must beat your opponent for 2 of the 3 sets.


The results of this game was an absolute win for Levski Sofia. The final score was 7 - 0 with the 7 for Levski. The first goal for Levski was 10 minutes in by #22 Nuno Reis. The second was just 10 minutes later by #29 Stanislav Kostov. Then, even more bad news for Vereya. #3 Theofilos Kouroupis gets a yellow card in the 23rd minute. Soon after, Goderzi Machaidze has to go and get a red card so Davide Mariani, #8 for Levski, can go and score a penalty shot. At halftime, the score was 3 - 0. The game seemed like it was just not going Vereya’s way.
Play continues and just 5 minutes into the second half, Stanislav Kostov scores again for Levski. At 57 minutes Davide Mariani scores his second goal for Levski. After quite a few substitutions, #23 for Levski, Khaly Thiam, scores another goal! And finally, the last goal at 90 minutes by Holmar Orn Eyjolfsson, #5 for Levski. Vereya is going to have to make a big step up to beat this team.
Substitutions : Vereya
  • 53’ out Dino Martinovic in Alexander N’Doumbou
  • 54’ out Denys Vasilyev in Emil Peter Jorgensen
  • 86’ out Anton Ognyanov in Bedri Ryustemov
Substitutions : Levski Sofia
  • 60’ out Davide Mariani in Filipe Nascimento
  • 72’ out Jerson Cabral in Stanislav Ivanov
  • 76’ out Gabriel Obertan in Ivaylo Naydenov